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For SteveAnime  (#2) by PersonaWildX For SteveAnime (#2) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 4 2 WIP (for SteveAnime request) by PersonaWildX WIP (for SteveAnime request) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 2 0 For SteveAnime by PersonaWildX For SteveAnime :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 7 0 A quick Sakura Futaba drawing by PersonaWildX A quick Sakura Futaba drawing :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 10 0 W.I.P by PersonaWildX W.I.P :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 3 0 Rise Kujikawa by PersonaWildX Rise Kujikawa :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 24 6 One Piece Monkey D. Garp (WIP... I guess) by PersonaWildX One Piece Monkey D. Garp (WIP... I guess) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 2 0 Iwa Hanamura (Assassination Classroom Oc) by PersonaWildX Iwa Hanamura (Assassination Classroom Oc) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 8 2 Team Work -Collab by PersonaWildX Team Work -Collab :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 3 0 Ann Takamaki by PersonaWildX Ann Takamaki :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 16 0 Me taking a selfie (LOL) by PersonaWildX Me taking a selfie (LOL) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 3 0 Nagisa Shiota (Sketch) by PersonaWildX Nagisa Shiota (Sketch) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 2 2 Persona 4 Teddie (Line Art) by PersonaWildX Persona 4 Teddie (Line Art) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 10 0 Persona Q Koromaru (Line art) by PersonaWildX Persona Q Koromaru (Line art) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 11 0 Chie Satonaka (Line Art) by PersonaWildX Chie Satonaka (Line Art) :iconpersonawildx:PersonaWildX 6 11


Opposites Attract (Ryouta Kise x Reader)
The afternoon had been running cold, dark grey clouds clustered in the sky. The clouds were fully prepared to start pouring soon, leaving most to fear for their items becoming wet in the future downfall.
Most students of Kaijo High had been scrambling past each other to enter to large school to take refuge from the soon-to-fall droplets in their free period. This also meant that people would rush past one another and would shove others out of the way if needed. _______ was one of these people that were pushed down to the ground in the process by multiple people.
Though she had been able to enter the school after a large portion of students sprinted to safety. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she lurked alongside the ends of the corridor, simply examining all the social students surrounding her.
Soon, her attention was stolen at the sound of squealing females. She understood almost instantly. Every female in the school swooned over the model, Ryouta Kise. He was perfect in every way; He
:iconokami-wolfgod:Okami-WolfGod 5 0
(One-shot) Kise Ryouta x reader
We met when we were three.You were shy and I was not.When I saw you,you just seem to sparkle.Even though I think I was the only one who thought that.I was eager to be your friend
And when you said yes,I was deeply overjoyed.
(3 years old)
"Mommy,what if they don't like me?"You said as you tugged on your mom's sleeve.
"Oh hush dear.I know they would love you."Your mom answered.Once you have reached the classroom,your mom handed you over to the teacher. The teacher asked your name and you stuttered it out.She wrote it in a name tag and she gave you the name tag and a cookie."Go find a seat,(Y/n)" She said as she smiled warmly at you. You nodded shyly and went to look for a seat.
You look around the room but no one was willing to sit with you.You then saw a blonde haired guy who stared at you and looked away,slightly embarassed.You felt a tap on the shoulder and you turned to look at the blonde.
"Hi!I'm Kise Ryouta!Want to sit with me,(Y/n)chi?"He gave you a wide smile.You were about to a
:iconnalulover33:nalulover33 2 0
(Kise Ryouta x Fem!Reader) Copycat
                  [Imitation is the highest form of flattery...right?]

           (Say "Hello, who are you?" And we'll start from scratch again..)

He was talking about her again. It shot like an arrow through her heart as she tried to prevent tears from falling down her face.
She doesn't love you that way.. idiot.
"Can you believe she did that? She's so cute!"
"Mm, she's very cute, Kise."
(Gotta go, "Talk to you soon!" Day by day, I'm fading away..)

"Ah, she's here now! I gotta go!"
"Have fun."
"Okay! Talk to you soon!"
(We get along just fine.. I'll say everything you want to hear..)
I'm okay.
I'm just fine.
I can't come with you. Maybe next time!

(It's funny how much I.. feel like I'm looking in a mirror..)
Placing her phone down, her tears raced down as she picked up the hand mirror on her bedside.
Maybe I should change.. to please him..

:iconbloodyrosexx:BloodyRoseXX 7 3
Texting with Kise Ryouta
From: My Girlfriend-cchi! ♡
To: Me
From: Kise the babe
To: Me
Aaaawww [Name]cchi ( ˘ ³˘)♥ a kiss back to you !!
From: My Girlfriend-cchi! ♡
To: Me
Wtf no stop with the weird kisses why are you kissing me?,,??
From: Kise the babe
To: Me
do you not love me anymore? ! [Name]cchi what did I do to deserve this injustice ;-;
From: My Girlfriend-cchi! ♡
To: Me
Baby calm your beautiful lashes I lof u ok but i meant to say "Kise"... seems like my autocorrect loves u more than I do lol
From: Kise the babe
To: Me
:icontenshinoakasuna:TenshiNoAkasuna 12 23
Kise modeling at the beach. by HannahTheHedgehog15 Kise modeling at the beach. :iconhannahthehedgehog15:HannahTheHedgehog15 9 0
Painting |Kise Ryouta x Reader x Kuroko Tetsuya|
        Painting a canvas was really hard work.
      (Name) sat back on her heels and considered the blank canvas. Laid out beside her were the various brushes, tubes, pots and jars she needed to start her masterpiece, but had no idea where to start. There were various brushes to think of and what strokes to put where. A thick brush or a thin one? A fluffy brush or a thin angled brush?  A wrongly placed brush stroke could ruin the whole work of art.
      Then there was the materials used. Considering the canvas, (Name) was certain the powdery paints were better, but the creams applied better. And what about the colors? Did the right shade of pink blend well with purple? Or was the opposite color better?
      These were things (Name) thought about as she worked. After all, creating masterpieces really were hard work. Their father wasn’t kidding. Turning to Kuroko, she took the tube of lipstick he handed her a
:iconchanson-de-sirene:Chanson-de-sirene 33 8
Avatar Ryota Kise { Negan Amv } by Kizozora Avatar Ryota Kise { Negan Amv } :iconkizozora:Kizozora 7 7
{One v. One} Kise Ryouta x Reader

“Why am I doing this again N/n-cchi?” Kise whined, causing F/n to chuckle a bit. They were currently standing on the volleyball court, one on each side, staring each other down before the blonde boy served the ball. The h/c on the other side was on the varsity volleyball of their high school, Kaijo, while her boyfriend was on the basketball team.
“You challenged me to a one on one Ryou. You never said what sport it had to be in.” F/n put one hand on her hip and stared at the boy on the other side of the net. He sheepishly put a hand on the back of his head and switched his weight from one foot to another.
“N/n-cchi, you look so scary when you have that face on. Besides, volleyball can’t be that hard right?” He nods to himself before readying himself to serve. F/n watches with a keen eye and sees the ball whiz by their side, but doesn’t move to receive it. Instead, she just relaxes into a normal stance
:iconaominees:aominees 2 0
{School Dance} Kise Ryouta x Reader

‘Oh great
I think as Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran begins to flow from the speakers. ‘Another slow song to not dance to!’ Glancing around the room I am greeted with the sight of couples twirling and swaying to the beat of the song. A sigh escapes through my slightly parted lips. ‘I wish I wasn’t dragged to yet another school dance...’
“Um, excuse me” A higher male voice interrupts my thoughts and I whip my head to the side to see who wanted my attention. My jaw drops slightly as I notice that it is none other than Kise Ryouta, the school heart-throb and my long time crush.
“Y-Yes?” I blush as I notice the stammer in my voice.
“Can I have this dance, L/n-cchi?” He says with a signature smile that makes my heart flutter. I nod and he instantly takes my hand, leading me to the dance floor. He places a hand on my waist carefully before leading.
:iconaominees:aominees 1 0
On Second Thought - Kise Ryouta x Reader
"AAAAGHHH!!! Kurokocchi!! She's not calling me!! Why is she not calling me?" the blond model shrieks in frustration.
"Who the hell invited you to my house??!! Hey!! You are spilling ice-cream on the floor!" Taiga tries to snatch the ice-cream tub from his hands.
The silent phantom sixth-man just can't stop sighing at this sight. He still doesn't understand why is he even here instead of being with Number 2 at this hour.
Kise Ryouta and you had been going out for four months, despite you both being at Kaijō, you hardly see each other for four hours. With him being busy because of modelling and basketball, it's basically his fangirls which made you question if you made the right choice. Lately, Kise had been dying to go out with you on a date but you kept shooting him down as you were still traumatized by your first date experience when fifteen girls ambushed you two in the movie theater.
Kise finally burst out today (even though he is regretting it now)!
"You like me or not, [Your
:iconkiarraop11:KiarraOp11 39 5
Little Moments | Kise Ryouta
“Daddy’s home!”
Kise exclaims as he shuts the door, kicking off his shoes and collapses on the couch. There you were, already in his arms, showering him with kisses and hugs, something he really needed after a long day of work..
“Welcome home Ryouta.”
He cupped your cheek, pressing a soft, tender kiss to your mouth, before trailing down to your swollen belly, He was careful with pulling your shirt up - in all reality, it was his and he didn’t care if it ripped. But he didn’t want to upset you, so he was careful not to touch your breasts either, knowing they’re a very sensitive spot.. He then leans down to pepper lots of kisses on the skin, tracing over the spot with his fingers.
He purred when your hand ran through his hair, encouraging him to continue with his ministrations and he couldn’t help but stare in awe at your beauty. He knew you were self-conscious about the baby weight, but he always took his time to sho
:icontiacchi:Tiacchi 40 11
Kise Ryouta Akatsuki by bardi3 Kise Ryouta Akatsuki :iconbardi3:bardi3 2 0 Kise Ryouta BD by chienu Kise Ryouta BD :iconchienu:chienu 176 12 Kise Ryouta by abbyxhien Kise Ryouta :iconabbyxhien:abbyxhien 3 8 Kise Ryouta stamp. :3 by Mikibq Kise Ryouta stamp. :3 :iconmikibq:Mikibq 3 0



PersonaWildX's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi! Welcome to my profile! I really love Anime and... Ofcourse, the Persona series!! I'm Filipino but i live in The Netherlands. For all Filipino watchers or visitors over there, Kamusta! I can play a violin, and i luv rock/metal music, games, friends, pranking and being... crazy (LOL)

Follow me:

Wattpad: wild_Rockstar (An1meG!rl)
Quizup: An1meG!rl An1meG!rl #KE #PvZ #Persona=Life #KarmaAkabane<3 [Yosuke's younger sister] [Kasai]

See ya over there.

Yu Narukami Fan Button by MattPlaysVG

Music Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Music Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Music Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Music Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Japanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Dutch language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy German language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza Black Veil Brides Stamp by Luvise random Osu stamp by hissatsugirl Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon
Persona 3 stamp by owdof Persona User Stamp by MurdererDelacroix Persona 4 Stamp by Finalzidane-X I love Persona 4 stamp by Kemaru
Stamp: Persona 4 - Silhouettes by YukiMizuno


56 deviations
For SteveAnime (#2)
For SteveAnime! Im sorry if its bad :( (Sad)

I will draw the next request for now, i will try my best to submit it so fast as i can!!
WIP (for SteveAnime request)
Yooooooo i havent submit someones art for awhile! IM SO SORRY!!! I GOT EXAMNS SOON AND GOT HOMEWORK!

And i lost my Wacom Tablet *Cri* Sorry, so this is traditional!
For SteveAnime
Im so sorry if this is bad. But this is for SteveAnime! Im still busy with his other request!
A quick Sakura Futaba drawing
I was bored so i just randomly drew her! I hope you like it!

Enjoy :)

I do NOT own the Persona series and the characters!


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